« The Blond Kid »: the temporary project of an artist from ‘Eurovision new generation’ 

He is a complete artist, author, componist and singer. He compose for other artists and for his pop-rock band created more than 10 years ago. He has a double link with the Eurovision Song Contest, that he approached with his contemporary style, recognized today in the European pop music circles.

Today he presents a song he created during the lockdown, under the nickname « The Blond Kid« . More clues this way 😉 …


Like many other artists, he felt the urge to create something during these weeks at home. But for him, this track is more than just another confinement track :

I’ve been quarantined for 5 weeks, now. This very strange period followed another very strange period, during which I had to say goodbye to someone I loved. 

I felt the need to put all this in a song. I wanted this song to be entirely handcrafted. Written, produced, mixed and mastered on my own.

I always keep my feelings and the meaning of my songs for myself, so I don’t want to make it only about me, but I hope this song can reflect on anyone that has gone (or is still going) through hard times, because better days are always ahead of us. 

« The Blond Kid » is a temporary project. It was born during quarantine and maybe it’ll die with it…

« Why did we have to say Goodbye » is an ethereal and efficient piece of music, building up to a very tense ending.

The video clip goes to the basics and the connoisseurs maybe recognized the face of this artist that contributed to the « Eurovision new generation » You think you found who it is? Share the info and post your comments. The song « Why did we have to say Goodbye » from « The Blond Kid » is available through the best streaming platforms.

Passion, cration, Eurovision…


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